Swiss Supreme Court confirms: Banks must release bank-internal personal data to bank customers

05. June 2012

Swiss Supreme Court confirms ruling by Zurich's High Court regarding information rights vis-a-vis banks.

Groundbreaking ruling by Zurich's High Court

14. October 2011

The High Court of the canton of Zurich, Switzerland, approved on October 1 2011 the appeal of two bank customers, represented by Bader ▪ Gnehm & Partner, against Credit Suisse and ruled that Credit Suisse must release information about all bank-internal personal data regarding these bank customers.

BGP advises the shareholders of PharmaSwiss AG

01. February 2011

Bader Gnehm & Partner, Attorneys-at-law, advised the shareholders of PharmaSwiss Ltd. regarding the sale of PfarmaSwiss Ltd. for EUR 350 million to Valeant Pharmaceuticals International, Inc.

Bader ▪ Gnehm & Partner has been recognized by the Regulatory Board of the Swiss stock exchange SIX Swiss Exchange AG as competent representative in the product area of equity securities.

01. August 2010

The recognition allows Bader ▪ Gnehm & Partner to represent issuers and their representatives in connection with submitting listing applications (e.g. regarding IPOs or capital increases) vis-à-vis the SIX Swiss Exchange. The recognition has been granted to us due to our professional knowledge and experience regarding the Swiss company and stock exchange law.


Statement for the attention of the Swiss Takeover Board regarding the exemption form share buy-back programs

07. June 2009

Statement by Bader Gnehm & Partner regarding the draft revision of circular Nr. 1 by the Swiss Takeover Board regarding exemption form share buy-back programs.

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