BGPartner is a member of the worldwide network of attorneys LAWorld.

The main goal of LAWorld is to provide clients of the member firms rapid and reliable access at all times to worldwide high-quality legal advice.

LAWorld enables its member firms to support their clients in all legal aspects of their business activities abroad. Every member firm can rely on the long-standing experience and the know-how of the international network and thus offer high quality cross-border services.

The network allows its members to work together with attorneys worldwide who are suited to a particular legal matter or, as needed, to recommend them to their clients.

Moreover, we are associated with YangTze Law, the first Chinese law firm in London (, which is in turn associated via the Yangtzejiang Legal Network (YLN), which incorporates over 25 internationally oriented Chinese business-law firms in all parts of the People’s Republic of China.

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Law World Neu



The ACQUES Law Network is the first and the only existing multi-jurisdictional, global network of highly experienced law firms specialized in the area of trade finance law, and more specifically trade credit insurance and surety law.

ACQUES Members have specialist expertise in all areas of trade finance and insolvency law. The Network offers multi-market services and solutions to providers of trade finance products including policy advice, pre and post claims advisory, loss mitigation and salvage/recoveries activities.

BGPartner is a proud co-founder of the ACQUES Law Network, which currently consists of more than 20 members in strategically located national jurisdictions.



By creating a Switzerland-wide and extensive law-firm network, primarily national synergies are to be strengthened and used optimally. Through the existing specialised and broadly diversified professional knowledge and expertise as well as high flexibility, we can as a member offer an attractive alternative to the large firms in Switzerland.

The local identity is thereby maintained and accordingly taken into account and the international collaboration platform LAWorld is strengthened at the same time.

As a qualified stakeholder we are, as a member, a highly reliable and efficient partner to our clients and can accompany (inter-)national customers side by side through national legal problems.

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