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Michael Bader


Senior Partner, Born 1957

Bader Gnehm & Partner Ltd

German, English, French

Education / Background
University of Berne (attorney, 1985)
Advocacy since 1988

Board Memberships (Chairman)
Bones and More AG, Berne (Animal Supply)
GKB Consulting & Management AG, Berne (Hotels / Tourismus)
MVZ Management AG, Menzingen (Health Care)
Messerschmitt Yachts GmbH, Berne (Yacht Design)

Board Memberships
Novis Electronics AG, Uster (Consumer Electronics)
Widmer Druck Ag, Schönenwerd (Printing)

Preferred Practice Areas
Company and Business Law 
Construction and Real Estate Law 
Arbitration (ICC, CAS et al.) 
National and International Contract Law 
Mergers & Acquisitions 
Liability Law 
Project Organization, particulary in China / India