good, for the sake of goodwill

Pro bono (Latin: for the good, for the sake of goodwill) means a commitment to do good without a profit-oriented background or such a motivation.

For our law firm, this means that no fee is requested for the corresponding advisory work. 

SUPPORT - Makoko

Over 50‘000 people live in Makoko, a lake dwelling settlement in the Nigerian megacity of Lagos, below the poverty line, in danger of forced resettlement and with inadequate basic medical care. The Swiss foundation SUPPORT is part of the “Makoko/Iwaya Waterfront Regeneration Plan” and is dedicated to develop the medical care in Makoko. It can count on the active support of BGPartner.

SUPPORT coordinated and assists the sustainable development of basic medical care in Makoko: Swiss physicians and nurses train traditional healers and birth attendants in the fields of hygiene, health care and family planning and supports them on their path to obtain state certification. It plans to build several integrated medical practices and a small hospital. 

The aim is to improve general health care in Makoko, especially mother-child health, in the long term.

SUPPORT has the best prerequisites for this: In a previous project, it developed the gynaecological and paediatric department in a large missionary hospital in Western Nigeria. The child mortality rate in this hospital could be reduced by 55% during the cooperation and it has been decreasing ever since!

BGPartner is proud to be able to assist the foundation SUPPORT in all legal matters pro bono.

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Video about SUPPORTS’s work can be found here. 


"Mudiro - In you must burn what you want to ignite in others".

The Mudiro medical training project aims to improve medical care in southern Africa, especially in Namibia. Doctors from Switzerland volunteer their time at the sites in Rundu, Nyangana, and Andara in northern Namibia.

Mudiro is a training project that helps in a narrowly defined region in various areas. One of Mudiro's main concerns is to be close to the patient and the residents, to see successes and difficulties immediately in order to be able to immediately adjust the effectiveness of the work performed.

Helping people to help themselves is Mudiro's motto. To ensure long-term sustainability, Swiss doctors provide training and support their local colleagues in their daily hard work in the hospitals. The main task is to accompany doctors on their way through the unknown Namibia and thus to provide a sustainable exchange of knowledge and direct help on the spot.

BGPartner supports the project in all legal matters and, due to its long-standing friendship with the founder, is always involved with the project and follows the further development of the project.

Organic Footprints

…leaving a natural footprint for the next generation.

Organic Footprints would like to revive the appreciation within the population of Port Elizabeth in South Africa for where our food comes from. With the help of residents of Missionvale Township, the organisation plants vegetable gardens in and around their Township. The vegetables are then sold in the form of monthly vegetable baskets to customers and distributed to schools, kindergartens, as well as to the non-profit kitchens in the Township.

Through the projects, people who participate in them on the one hand are conveyed knowledge on cultivation and the sustainable handling of vegetables and on the other hand, the unemployed are given a task with a daily structure and responsibility.

The Organic Footprint project does not only have the goal of making enough healthy food available to the inhabitants of the Township, but to also to foster their abilities and their knowledge on the interaction with nature and the cultivation of vegetables and thus enable an improvement in quality of life for the present and the future.

Organic Footprint is part of the Elephant Footprint Foundation to which the Cedric Zwyssig Memorial Trust also belongs to. This Trust has the primary intention to support individual project of dedicated and passionate individuals in South Africa. In particular, the 14-month course on Ecosystem Intelligence at the SAN Ecosystems, which helps students to identify problems and solutions in their own respective community, ecosystem of chosen field in environment. 

As a result of a long-time friendship with a founding member, BGPartner has been involved with the project since the start and supports it in several areas.



Our firm undertook its first pro-bono project in 2003: the legal support of the association Label STEP – fair trade rugs (former STEP foundation), domiciled in Bern (

The Label STEP is a small Swiss NGO, which is active nationally and internationally in the area of fair trade and has specialized in the field of hand-crafted rugs. The Label STEP has no legal department of its own and thus in case of need relies on external legal advice. Thus we have been able to support the association respectively the former foundation in the past few years in diverse areas of law (employment-contract law, collaboration-contract law, licensing-contract law, consumer law, and trademark and intellectual-property law).

In providing legal support to the association Label STEP, a trustful and mutually fruitful collaboration ensued. Thus a delegation from our firm could go on project trips with representatives of the association Label STEP to the core countries for rugs, Morocco (2005) and India (2007), which left unforgettable impressions on all participants.