Power of Attorney

Except for special cases, we conclude the standard lawyers’ power of attorney of the Bern or Zurich Bar Associations with our clients. You can download the power of attorney in different versions for printing here:



At the start of each new mandate, we will reach an agreement with you individually on the calculation basis of the fee. The liberalisation of the law on attorneys has led to more flexible rules to this effect, so that several different models are possible:

  • Invoicing based on time expenditure, agreement on an hourly rate
  • Invoicing based on the amount in dispute (in accordance with a party-cost agreement, Ordinance on Party Costs)
  • Agreement on a flat fee
  • Agreement on a basic fee (time expenditure or flat fee) and a premium in case of success

This agreement will upon signing of the power of attorney be encompassed in a mandate and fee agreement. You may download an example here.